Ministry - No W & Wrong

Τους θυμήθηκα με αφορμή τις Αμερικανικές εκλογές.
Ελπίζω μόνο ο επόμενος να μην είναι σαν τον προηγούμενο...

If this is really living

Then why am I so unforgiving
Half the world is down the toilet
Half on its way

If I had a dollar for every time he hollers
Trust us with your hearts and minds
Or I'll make you pay

Trust me
Trust me

Ask me why you're feeling screwed
And I'll give you the answer
There's a Colon Dick & Bush
Justa hammerin' away

Ask me why you feel deceived
Stripped of all your liberties
It doesn't take a genius to explain
That today

Trust me
Trust me

You're wrong everytime
You're wrong everytime

What makes you think you've got a god-given right
For killing people in a needless fight
You're like a rapist with a target in sight

Whoever told you that you were bright
The skull and bones the conservative right
You're like a plague turning day into night

You're wrong everytime
You're wrong everytime

What makes you think that you could start this mess
Then crawl away to a world you detest
You're fuckin' evil, but you couldn't care less

What makes you think that we could ever believe
A major liar with a minor in greed
You make a profit of the people in need

You're wrong everytime
You're wrong everytime

Your time is coming and it won't be long
The bill of rights is now the bill of wrong
Already proven that you don't belong
In history

Your time is over - You'll be out on the street
What do you say to the people you meet
I saved the world because I didn't repeat
My policy

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